Metapan, El Salvador


Ministry profile

After spending two years in El Pimental on the west coast of El Salvador, Dr. Beatriz Navidad started a new ministry in Metapán in 2014. 

Her ministry offers clinical consultations near downtown Metapán, but also targets underserved rural locations east of the community where she intends to provide community health outreach. Her initial focus has been to develop and grow her clinic.

The ministry in Metapán also includes a successful dental component staffed by another individual from El Salvador.

Navidad has the talent to build trusting relationships with other individuals. She displayed that in her previous ministry in El Pimental where she focused on educating residents about disease symptoms, treatments and prevention through proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Her ministry has strong family support with several relatives having medical backgrounds as well.

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Dr. Beatriz Navidad

Director profile

Dr. Beatriz Navidad has a quiet nature, but is committed to providing medical services that are often lacking in Metapán, El Salvador. She is a gentle and approachable collaborator who wants to make a difference in her country. Navidad worked in El Pimental, El Salvador, from 2012-14 before rebooting her ministry in Metapán late in 2014. Her ministry offers both clinical and dental services.

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El Salvador Facts


Population: 6.1 million

Size: 21,041 sq. km, or slightly smaller than Massachusetts.

Capital: San Salvador

Borders: Guatemala to the northwest; Honduras to the east and northeast; Pacific Ocean to the south.

Religious groups: Roman Catholic, 57.1%; Protestant, 21.2%

Primary language: Spanish

Literacy (age 15+): 88% 

Physician density: 1.6 doctors per 1,000 people.

Population below international poverty line: 36.5%

Life expectancy: 74.4 years

Infant mortality rate: 17.9 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Coffee, sugar, textiles and apparel, gold, ethanol, chemicals, electricity, metals.

Climate: Tropical; rainy season (May-October); dry season (November-April); tropical on coast and temperate in uplands.

Terrain: Mostly mountains with narrow coastal belt and central plateau.