Regional Coordinators


As the Luke Society expands its partnerships with Christian visionaries around the world, the work of regional coordinators has become increasingly important. These four men provide knowledge, understanding and leadership for their regions. In addition to providing support for existing ministries, they are instrumental in seeking potential new ministry partners and helping them develop their ministries. Regional coordinators provide a key link between the international ministry directors and the central office.



Dr. Julius Surjadi

Asia Regional Coordinator 

Dr. Julius Surjadi was added to the team of regional coordinators in 2007 to oversee the ministries in Asia. Surjadi has been working in the Papua, Indonesia, region since 1997, and joined up with the Luke Society for a ministry there in 2000. Surjadi provides guidance for seven ministries in Asia. He is a visionary on many topics which enhances his ability to understand and serve the people of his region. He is a gifted communicator whose experience in transforming health in the most primitive communities and villages allows him to effectively work with many different groups of people. Julius lives in Papua with his wife, Debby. They have two children.



Dr. John Oduro-Boateng

Africa Regional Coordinator

Dr. John Oduro-Boateng was appointed regional coordinator in 1996 and today helps to oversee 12 ministries in Africa. He is also the director of the Luke Society Ghana in Kasei, which started in 1988 and is one of the oldest and most well-established ministries within the Luke Society. Boateng is a visionary in the purest sense. His concept of bringing hope, healing and the Gospel to barren land in Ghana has revolutionized the community much the way other Luke Society ministries have transformed their communities. He has a vision to empower others to serve more effectively. John and his wife, Teresa, live in Kasei. They have one son, one adopted son and two grandchilden.



Dr. Pal Oroszi

Eastern Europe Regional Coordinator

Dr. Pal Oroszi has been been the regional coordinator in Eastern Europe since 2005 and provides leadership to five ministries. One of those ministries is his own, the Luke Society Transcarpathia, which was founded in 1997. The Eastern Europe regional coordinator position was established in 1999 with Dr. Augustin Batis of Romania serving in the position the first six years. Pal is a humble and strong Christian leader whose willingness to serve the Lord in a difficult place and time is commendable. He is a humble and dedicated leader who approaches his role as director with vision and tenacity. Pal and his wife, Jolika, live in Munkacs, Ukraine. They have four children.



Dr. Jose Luis Guerrero

Latin America Regional Coordinator

Dr. Jose Luis Guerrero serves as the regional coordinator for 10 ministries in Central America and the Caribbean. He also directs a ministry of his own, Vida en Abundancia in Jalapa, Mexico. Guerrero began serving as the regional coordinator for all of Latin America in 2006 as a sabbatical replacement. A year later, the Luke Society split the regions of Latin America into Central America and South America with Guerrero leading the efforts in Central America. Guerrero is a humble servant of the Lord with a heart for helping people become physically and spiritually healed. He lives in Jalapa with his wife, Laura. They have three children and six grandchildren.