September GAP newsletter

September 02, 2021 at 6:00 AM

IMG_9167.JPGChildren in a village just up the mountain from Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti, play a pickup game of soccer. (Photo by Dan Breen)

September GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob  Nathan short.jpg

CAYES-JACMEL, HAITI—Imagine living through the recent events which have unfolded in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere — Haiti.

  • A 2010 earthquake claimed about 300,000 lives and the country’s economy and infrastructure struggled to recover.
  • Criminals have created instability and fear, kidnapping people for ransom.
  • The cost of food and supplies continue to rapidly outpace wage increases.
  • Haiti’s president was assassinated in July.
  • An August earthquake caused more damage and sadness, which was followed by a tropical storm. 

Working in the midst of these dark times are faithful Christians like Luke Society ministry director Dr. Erol Rene.

Dr. Erol continues to assist many patients with medical issues, educates hundreds of citizens each month in general health promotion classes and COVID-19 knowledge, and runs a microfinance program which assists people seeking small business loans. He also witnesses conversions to Christianity each month through his team’s evangelistic work.

Pray for Dr. Erol as the cost of medical supplies continues to increase and many patients are struggling to afford medication. Pray for the recent increase in violence, including the supply chain as the main road leading from Dr. Erol’s ministry to the capital has been blocked by rival armed groups.

Pray for clean-up efforts after tropical storm Grace. Dr. Erol reports that “parts of Cayes-Jacmel were flooded,” including his sister’s house. Pray for Erol as he recently tested positive for COVID-19. May the Lord grant Dr. Erol and his team the strength to continue to stand firm during these challenging times in Haiti.

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