Seeking assistance for X-ray

March 17, 2021 at 6:00 AM


Seeking assistance for X-ray

By Dr. Wrede Vogel   Wrede short.jpg

A man with incredible passion to follow God’s call to bring health care and the Gospel to his own people. That was my impression when I first met Dr. Frederic Djongali in Chad, Africa, in 2012.

Frederic received his medical training in neighboring Niger, but felt called to respond to the needs in his home country of Chad where he returned in 2006. It was not an easy time to live in Chad. Spillover from the conflicts in Libya and Sudan led to marauding gangs who looted and pillaged the helpless.

Despite the dangers, Frederic, along with his wife and children, moved to Moundou, Chad, to establish a Christian clinic with only the financial support of his extended family.

When Luke Society Regional Coordinator, Dr. John Boateng, and I first met him, he already had a thriving ministry. What he craved at that time was the fellowship of the Luke Society family. We were able to provide that relationship through regional conferences with other Luke Society directors in Africa, our visits from the central office and our connection with you, our donors, through prayer support.

We cautiously provided financial support, careful not to create dependency or divert his focus from God’s calling. We always provided a minority of his total budget, but that support served as a catalyst for him to achieve his vision for ministry. His ministry has grown to be a major center for primary care, obstetrics and surgery.

Recently, his X-ray equipment broke down and is beyond repair. X-ray is an essential tool for him to provide quality medical and surgical care. He can purchase and install a new digital X-ray machine for $30,500. This equipment is more efficient than his old unit, providing better quality X-rays without the need for chemical developers. The local vendor can provide maintenance and training.

I believe this is a great opportunity for us to come alongside Frederic and his ministry. This is the kind of support that empowers him to serve his patients, and at the same time, strengthen the financial state of his ministry. Please partner with us to provide this essential help for Dr. Djongali and his ministry.

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