Trujillo, Peru


Ministry profile

When Dr. Felix Aldave and his wife, Bertha, arrived in Alto Trujillo, Peru, in 1998, they were introduced to a community suffering from extreme poverty and crime.

Many would have steered clear of the dusty roads on the country’s arid Pacific coast, but not the Aldaves.

Alto Trujillo was just what they were hoping to find. Their vision was cast in a way that began turning the fortunes of the community around through their ministry, San Lucas Asociación of Trujillo.

While more progress is needed ahead, San Lucas Asociación has already left a lasting impact on the community. Nearly 500 children are being educated through two ministry-staffed schools which offer supplemental Christian education twice a week. The San Lucas medical clinic provides a backbone for health in the community, offering primary care services. The Aldaves also have helped establish four church plants in the area.

San Lucas Asociación works in close partnership with the Church of the Nazarene and Compassion International to assist in the physical, financial and spiritual well-being of the residents of Alto Trujillo.

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Dr. Felix and Bertha Aldave

Directors profile

Dr. Felix and Bertha Aldave have been a ministry ambassador team for the Gospel for more than four decades. The husband-wife team exemplifies the trait of humble servanthood, whose pinnacle goal is for everyone to know Christ. They never allow an opportunity to pass without sharing the Good News of the resurrected Savior. Felix is a true prayer warrior and makes those around him passionate about prayer as well. They have faithfully followed God’s will even when it has come in difficult circumstances.

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Peru Facts


Population: 30.4 million

Size: 1.3 million sq. km, or slightly smaller than Alaska.

Capital: Lima

Borders: Pacific Ocean to the west; Ecuador and Colombia to the north; Brazil and Bolivia to the east; Chile to the south.

Religious groups: Roman Catholic, 81.3%; Evangelical, 12.5%

Primary language: Spanish

Literacy (age 15+): 94.5%

Physician density: 1.3 doctors per 1,000 people.

Population below international poverty line: 25.8%

Life expectancy: 73.5 years

Infant mortality rate: 19.6 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Metals, petroleum products, natural gas, coffee, vegetables, fish, chemicals.

Climate: Varies from tropical in the east to desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes Mountains.

Terrain: Western coastal plain; Andes Mountains in the middle; lowland jungle in the east.