Southern Laos


Ministry profile

Being a Christian in Laos is not easy. Persecution is real; bullying is a tactic and protection is not guaranteed. 

But the Luke Society ministry in southern Laos is spreading the light of Jesus in spite of the dangers.

The ministry in Laos works in community health and primary care, but perhaps its most important function is encouraging believers. The ministry works closely with the Christian church minority in the region.

A new clinic is being constructed on land donated to the ministry. It will better serve the people in need of quality medical care, but also will serve as an evangelistic tool to help encourage a more active Christian church in Laos.



Director profile

Because of danger in a highly-sensitive region for Christians, the Luke Society intentionally withholds the name of the director in Laos from the public domain. However, the individual who leads the ministry is a faithful servant of the Lord who ministers courageously despite the threat of persecution. The director is a church leader who is connected through pastors and knows the locations of the Christian congregations in the region.


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Laos Facts


Population: 6.9 million

Size: 236,800 sq. km, or slightly larger than Utah

Capital: Vientiane

Borders: Thailand and Myanmar to the west; China to the north; Vietnam to the east; Cambodia to the south.

Religious groups: Buddhist, 66.8%; other, 31%, Christian, 1.5%

Primary language: Lao, French, English

Literacy (age 15+): 79.9%

Physician density: 0.18 doctors per 1,000 people.

Population below international poverty line: 22%

Life expectancy: 63.9 years

Infant mortality rate: 53 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Wood products, coffee, electricity, tin, copper, gold, cassava.

Climate: Tropical monsoon; rainy season from May-November; dry season from December-April.

Terrain: Mostly rugged mountains; some plains and plateaus.