Birtamod, Nepal


Ministry profile

Throughout the Luke Society family are many examples of improbable people forming improbable ministries in improbable places. Dr. Kapil Mishra’s ministry in Birtamode, Nepal, fits all the criteria.

Political upheaval in Bhutan in the 1990s left many refugees streaming to eastern Nepal to find a better and safer life. One of those refugees was Mishra, a Nepalese native raised in a Hindu home.

But Mishra never found the important answers he was looking for in Hinduism. The only place he could find the answers to life’s most important questions was in the Bible. By the grace of God he was led to give his life to Christ.

Part of his gratitude to the Lord is being lived out through his ministry in villages and foothills of the Himalayan Mountains — the same place he fled to as a refugee. With little to no income, he began a community health ministry in Birtamode where he trains individuals in basic health care and promotes spiritual health through preaching the Gospel. His greatest passion is to share his faith, despite the risks of persecution.

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Dr. Kapil Mishra

Director profile

Dr. Kapil Mishra has a tireless desire to reach his country of Nepal with the Gospel. He does so by promoting health education and training. He is a unique and fearless man of God with a great vision that all in Nepal should be saved and reconciled to God in Christ Jesus. He often gives of himself and his own personal time and resources to bless the people around him.




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Nepal Facts


Population: 31.6 million

Size: 147,181 sq. km, or slightly larger than Arkansas

Capital: Kathmandu

Borders: India to the south; China to the north.

Religious groups: Hindu, 81.3%; Buddhist, 9%; Muslim, 4.4%; Christian, 1.4%

Primary language: Nepali

Literacy (age 15+): 63.9%

Physician density: N/A

Population below international poverty line: 25.2%

Life expectancy: 67.5 years

Infant mortality rate: 39.1 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Clothing, pulses, carpets, textiles, juice, jute goods.

Climate: Varies from cool summers and severe winter in the north to subtropical summers and mild winters in the south.

Terrain: Flat river plain in the south; central hill region with rugged Himalaya Mountains to the north.