N'Dali, Benin


Centre Medico-Social Luc au Jordan

Benin is a country with large gaps in health-care coverage and availability. Dr. Martin Luther Osse saw that and was called to make a difference.

Dr. Osse was working for a different Christian clinic, but was developing his own vision for a ministry at the same time. A connection with the Luke Society helped that to happen in 2005. His concept was to have a local approach of community health and prevention along with a hospital and clinic.

The Centre Medico Luke Society Jordan hospital and clinic is based in N’Dali, but Osse travels to neighboring communities on the outskirts of the city to bring health-care services to others in need. His work has helped to bridge gaps between tribal groups in the region.

While the Christian population in Benin is small, Osse is having a big impact. The motivation of his ministry is faith. Through his work as a doctor, he and his staff are able to open up to patients about the blessing of spiritual healing and restoration available to them through Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Martin Luther Osse

Director profile

Dr. Martin Luther Osse is a focused and determined visionary willing to sacrifice to accomplish his call from the Lord. He desires to bring greater health services to the people he serves at the Centre Medico Luke Society Jordan. He has the gift of building relationships with local pastors which has provided a foothold to provide services in many different villages. Brent and Cindy Van Andel serve as the Partnership Ministry Team.


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 Benin Facts


Population: 10.4 million

Size: 112,622 sq. km, or slightly smaller than Pennsylvania.

Capital: Porto-Novo

Borders: Togo to the West; Burkina Faso to the northwest; Niger to the north; Nigeria to the east; Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Religious groups: Catholic, 27.1%; Muslim, 24.4%; Vodoun, 17.3%; Protestant 10.4%.

Primary language: French

Literacy (age 15+): 38.4%

Physician density: 0.06 doctors per 1,000 people.

Population below international poverty line: 37.4%

Life expectancy: 61.5 years

Infant mortality rate: 55.7 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Cotton, cashews, shea butter, textiles, palm products, seafood.

Climate: Tropical; hot and humid in the south; semiarid in the north.

Terrain: Mostly flat to undulating plain; some hills and low mountains.