Moundou, Chad


El Jire Rapha

Dr. Frederic Djongali didn’t like the direction health care was heading in his hometown of Moundou, Chad. Dishonesty was becoming rampant, and those who had money were getting unfair privileges, causing many of the less fortunate in Moundou to die before they could receive care. 

Dr. Djongali set out to change that. With the financial and medical support of several family members, he opened a clinic called El Jire Rapha, which translates as “God provides healing.” The clinic seeks to provide health care to people through love, compassion and dignity. The Luke Society linked up with Djongali in 2012 to provide a like-minded medical vision and spiritual encouragement.

The horseshoe-shaped compound includes operating rooms, delivery rooms, inpatient rooms, an obstetrics ward, ultrasound room and a lab. The facility also has a pharmacy. His surgical practice recently was upgraded at a different location in Moundou in part through financial assistance provided by the Luke Society.

Like other locations in Africa, Moundou is made up of a highly Muslim population. However, the Muslims have put faith in Frederic and the way he conducts his clinic. He has prayer for his patients every morning and even the Muslims attend the prayer gatherings.

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Dr. Frederic Djongali

Director profile

Dr. Frederic Djongali is a renowned surgeon who has patiently endured adversity for the sake of the Gospel. His deep-rooted trust in the Lord was tested at age 20 when he experienced a call into the medical missions field after watching people in his own community die unnecessarily. Like others in the Luke Society family, he serves in a difficult region where his faith is tested, but he remains steadfast in bringing the cup of cold water in Jesus’ name to a dry and thirsty land.


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 Chad Facts


Population: 11.6 million

Size: 1.3 million sq. km, or about three times the size of California.

Capital: N’Djamena

Borders: Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria to the west; Libya to the north; Sudan to the east; Central African Republic to the south.

Religious groups: Muslim, 53.1%; Catholic, 20.1%; Protestant, 14.2%

Primary language: French, Arabic

Literacy (age 15+): 40.2%

Physician density: 0.04 doctors per 1,000 people.

Population below international poverty line: 46.7%

Life expectancy: 49.8 years

Infant mortality rate: 88.7 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Oil, livestock, cotton, sesame, gum arabic, shea butter.

Climate: Tropical in the south; desert in the north.

Terrain: Broad, arid plains in the center; desert in the north; mountains in the northwest; lowlands in the south.