Memorials and Honorariums

March - June, 2020


Memorials and honorariums are special ways to provide a gift in the name of a loved one. The Luke Society is happy to accept memorial gifts in the names of those who have passed on to eternal glory and honorariums in the names of those having a heavenly impact on earth. To honor a loved one, please clearly indicate the name of the individual(s) you wish to honor along with your donation to: Luke Society, 3409 S. Gateway Blvd., Sioux Falls, SD, 57106.

(The Luke Society apologizes for any names accidentally omitted or misspelled.)


Dr. Peter Boelens
   Eleanor Boelens
   John and Wanda Cowan

Marge Boersma
   Bert Boersma

Nina Bolkema
   Marie VanderGriend

Bob Bolt
   John and Evelyn Potts

Ann Boonstra
   Richard and Trena Boonstra

Estelle Bosma
   Alvin and Marilyn Bosma

Patricia Brummel
   Jo Vander Steen

Shirley Bruxvoort
   Wayne Medema

Andrew and Lila Buwalda
   Jerry and Sharon Buwalda

June De Boer
   William De Boer

Vernon De Boer
   Alvin and Marilyn Bosma

Janice De Haan
   Frank De Haan

John and Nina Den Hartigh
   Anne Rockwell

Dr. Debra Dixon Deur
   Sandra Karottki

Dr. Arnold Dood
   Bill and Diane Ryckbost

Kay Drukker
   John Drukker

Jack Faber
   Shirley Faber

John Haverkamp
   Annette Haverkamp

Sidney Helmus
   Glenn and Kathleen Schripsema

Min Huisken
   Gene and Chery De Boer

Eunice Huitink
   Marlys Hop

Jean Huizenga
   Henry Huizenga

Harold Jett
   Georgia Jett

Nellie Kingman
   Richard and Dorothea Smits

Verlyn Kooi
   Brenda Kooi

Leslie Larson
   Joseph and Cynthia Just

Rich and Ann Meyer
   Betty Kacos

Leonard Morgan
   Deanna Morgan

Gerrit Nieuwsma
   Deanna Morgan

Carol Oppriecht
   Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church
   Great Plains Presbytery, Inc.
   Carol Amstutz
   Katy Ast
   Judy Blackburn
   Rick Blunk
   Kelly Calton
   David and DeLynn Fowler
   Gary and Nell Fuller
   William and Andrea Ham
   Christina King
   Sara Lewis
   Garrett Roskam
   Jeff and Patricia Roskam
   James Schobert

(Memorials cont.)

Emmanuel Okine
   Drew and Jean Vogel

Justin Petroelje
   Connie Petroelje

Dr. Ben Prins
   De Wayne and Margie Spoelstra

Pauline Schaap
   Rodney and Jean Korthals

Al Schaapman
   Carolyn Schaapman

Ken Schemper
   Herb and Bernace Kurthuis

Mildred Schemper
   Herb and Bernace Kurthuis

Bernard and Anna Schreur
   Carol Mesbergen

Gale Senti
   Gladys Senti

Carol Smith
   Richard and Janet De Vries

John and Julianna Steensma
   Samuel and Barbara Heeringa

Dr. Ed and Muriel Stehouwer
   Ken and Cathy Tacoma

Muriel Stehouwer
   Evelyn Westmaas

Lyla Sweetman
   Harold Sweetman

Corinne Tallman
   Drew and Jean Vogel

Eileen Tanis
   Jim and Lois Veenstra

James Terpstra
   Harmina Jansen
   Vern and Gloria Westveld

Shirley Schuitema Tindall
   Robert and Kathy Hoogstra

Marguerite Togtman
   Clara Togtman

Louis Tribulato
   Patrick and Mary Lucien Lynch

Rev. Nelson Turpin
   Bruce and Stella Stout

Tyson, Mary and Jean Van Der Wilt
   Tyson and Lois Van Der Wilt

John and Harriet Van Dorp
   David and Evelyn Fennema

Jennie Van Essen
   Virg and Fay Van Essen

Sharon Van Leeuwen
   Richard and Dorothea Smits

William and Josie Van Til
   Jerry and Sharon Buwalda

Jerry Van't Hul
   Gary and Evy Vanden Berg

Duane Vande Griend
   Betty Vande Griend

George Vander Steen
   Jo Vander Steen

Dr. Bernard Veenstra
   Loren and Carol Hall
   Steve and Joni Hall
   Chad Kooyer
   Janice Veenstra

Mabel Terpstra Daling Visser
   Marthea Daling Jager

Lois Vogel
   Frank Vogel

Jeanette Vos
   Jim and Joyce Burggraaf
   Ron and Lori Osenga
   Ruth Roemeling

Herman Zylstra
   Joan Zylstra


The 10 Breen grandchildren
   Rev. Stephen and Linda Breen

Rev. Jerry and Verla Blom

Phil and Brenda David
   Charles and Elizabeth Rosema

Dr. Alex De Jong
   Fred and Barbara Hoekstra

Dr. Charles Duer
   Kirby and JoAnn Warren

   Dale and Deb Schmidt

Dr. Bob LaFleur
   Susan Guerra

Loved ones
   Dora Akuetteh

Dr. and Mrs. Viggo Olsen
   Stephen and Betty Snow

   William Kamstra

Rob Rockwell
   Anne Rockwell

Dr. Nestor Salavarria
   Jon and Wanda Cowan

Dr. James Spindler
   Caroline Dimmers

Dr. Mark and Becky Veenstra
   Mildred Hinken