Worth the risk

September 11, 2018 at 6:00 AM

directorslugansk.jpgThe Luke Society directors from eastern Ukraine are facing some difficult conditions and circumstances in their home country.  (Photo by Dan Breen)

Worth the risk

By Dr. Wrede Vogel Wrede short.jpg

Jesus tells a parable in Matthew 25 illustrating how we are to use the resources God has entrusted to us, and that we may be called to take risks in serving our Savior. We are not called to gamble or be reckless, but we are, in some situations, not to take the safest option and, effectively, “bury our gold in the ground.”

Our Luke Society partner team in eastern Ukraine is a great role model when it comes to taking the talents they have received and fully investing them for the Kingdom. When conflict and war broke out in eastern Ukraine, the safe thing to do would have been to move their families to uninvolved parts of the country. All three doctors involved in the ministry are skilled physicians and easily could have found stable, well-paying jobs far from the war zone. Instead, they stayed to serve the heightened physical and spiritual needs in eastern Ukraine.

In May, the team was arrested by police for carrying out evangelistic, medical care alongside Christian church services. They were taken in separately for interrogation. This was followed by one of the team having to appear before the medical community of the university to confess his “transgression” and apologize. Despite the persecution, they are as determined as ever to faithfully follow their calling.

They have an additional challenge: Practicing physicians are now required to have a physical clinic location. For the team to continue their work, they need to have their own clinic. Fortunately, real estate in this war-torn area is quite cheap and a building requiring moderate remodeling can be obtained for less than $20,000. Equipping the clinic will cost about $10,000.

The Luke Society’s call to ministry in developing countries always involves some level of risk. The political volatility and anti-Christian sentiment among governing authorities makes confiscation of the property a risk. I believe, in this case, we are being called to take that risk. Join us if you also feel led and pray for God’s protection and wisdom for this ministry.

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