The time to pray

November 21, 2019 at 6:00 AM

clock8am.jpgThe Luke Society family around the world is being asked to take a moment for prayer on Nov. 26

The time to pray

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

The Luke Society family is spread out across the globe, but a special effort is being made to bring everyone together at the same time in prayer on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

For the first time, the Luke Society is asking for a worldwide moment of prayer where we’re asking ministries, staffs, PMTs, directors and all supporters of the Luke Society to come together during the same hour for prayer. This will be a special part of the Luke Society’s annual Fall Day of Prayer and Fasting.

The Luke Society is asking that you take a special moment for prayer at 8 a.m. Central Standard Time (or UTC-6). In the United States Eastern time zone it will be 9 a.m., Mountain Standard Time is 7 a.m., and Pacific Standard Time is 6 a.m.

We realize this will stretch some of you. Those in Indonesia will be praying late at night, while those on the West Coast in the U.S. will have to wake up extra early. This seemed like the time that we could accommodate the vast variety of time zones across the world.

While we have established a time to begin, there is no designated ending time. Whether you pray for five minutes or choose to pray for much longer, we hope to all join in unison at the designated time on the top of the hour.

Some of you may be wondering, “how should we pray?” The Luke Society has compiled a comprehensive list of prayer requests for each of our ministries that have been mailed and e-mailed out the Global Allies in Prayer (GAP) members. If you are not a GAP member and would like to have that list please email

If you don’t have time to pray for each ministry and director by name, we encourage you to pray for the Luke Society as a whole. There are many dangers in our world today. The devil is working overtime and we would covet your prayers for the safety of our ministries, the health work they are conducting and for the advancement of the Gospel throughout the world.

Thank you for praying alongside us. May God bless the Luke Society through the prayers of God’s people on this day.

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