Witness to the work

August 04, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Eloisa Moran sought out help from Dr. Beatriz Navidad to restore her confidence in her hands that she uses regularly in her line of work.

Witness to the work

By Eloisa Moran

I am Eloisa de Moran, I live in El Salvador.

I want to share that I visited the Lucas Clinic a year ago.

When I visited the clinic I had problems with my fingernails, which caused me anguish and embarrassment.

It is incredible what affects our self esteem. My job requires me to operate a cash register, and is the last image that people have of our service in my work.

At the Lucas Clinic I was received with affection and entrusted to God for my recovery. I had tried on other occasions but did not have the perseverance.

They also prayed for my requests.

I thank God, as well as the staff of the clinic, for accompanying me in the treatment. Thank God, I already have my nails back very nice.


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