Uganda director to retire

November 19, 2020 at 6:00 AM

rebeccawasswa.jpgNurse Rebecca Wasswa has been a ministry director in the Luke Society for nearly 25 years. (Photo by Wrede Vogel)

Uganda director to retire

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

One of the longest-serving Luke Society directors will be retiring from ministry at the end of the calendar year.

For nearly 25 years, Rebecca Wasswa has been caring for patients, teaching health and bringing lives to Christ in Kampala, Uganda.

The skilled nurse said the accomplishments in her ministry would not have been possible without the Lord introducing her to a partnership with the Luke Society in 1996.

“He was so faithful that He led me to the Luke Society family that has supported me in prayer, love and has enriched my life and family,” Wasswa, 66, said.

Wasswa’s focus has been on the poor communities, where she has facilitated both their physical well-being and their spiritual growth since a humble beginning when she worked out of a shipping container. In 2003, with support from the Luke Society, a permanent building was constructed for the ministry.

Wasswa has trained more than 120 community health workers. Vast improvements have been made in sanitation and healthy lifestyles of the people. She navigated through the AIDS epidemic in Africa and supported many orphan children who lost their parents.

Curative, laboratory, immunization, family planning and maternal services have been conducted out the clinic. Thousands of patients received treatment and many children have been immunized.

“My desire and commitment for community health and development have been strong drives for my success. I have always felt happy seeing the poor progress,” Wasswa said.

But it’s the evangelism component to her ministry that will leave the greatest eternal legacy.

“This has brought many people to Christ and they have been encouraged to serve the Lord,” she said.

Wasswa and her husband, John, have five sons. Three are now married, and retirement will give her more time to spend with her nine grandchildren.

She expressed her appreciation to the many people who helped and encouraged her throughout her ministry, including the-late Dr. Peter and Eleanor Boelens, Dr. Wrede and Barb Vogel and Dr. John and Teresa Oduro-Boateng. She also is grateful for the many PMTs who either made trips to Kampala or encouraged her with financial support.

She also knows many prayers have been lifted on behalf of her family and her ministry.

“I praise the Lord because the Luke Society has been a blessing for my family in times of happiness and trouble,” Wasswa said. “We have continually stood with the Luke Society prayer team worldwide to pray for our families and the Lord has been on our side. I am so grateful for the prayers that have encouraged me and enabled me to continue with the work for the ministry since my husband became sick.”

Most of all, she thanks the power of Jesus Christ which has profoundly impacted her ministry.

“I know that I have also faced challenge,s but I thank the Lord because he has been on my side,” Wasswa said. “God the Almighty has been recognized as making all things possible and he deserves the glory.”

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