Waiting for God's power

March 28, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Ousmane Soh poses for a photo at his new clinic in Dahra, Senegal. The clinic needs electricity before it can open. (Photo by Diane Krall)

(Editor's note: Dr. Diane Krall is a family practice doctor from Groveland, IL. She and her husband, Kyle, are members of a Partnership Ministry Team to Dr. Ousmane Soh's ministry in Dahra, Senegal.)

Waiting for God's power

By Dr. Diane Krall 

We were so blessed to be able to travel to Senegal the first week of March. While we are fresh from the journey, we wanted to write an update so that you, our reading friends, could share in the joy that we have had.

It was our hope that we would be able to celebrate the opening of Dr. Ousmane Soh's clinic. Indeed, it is all ready to open. The walls are a beautiful sky blue, the white tile is laid on the floors and along the lower part of the walls. There is running water! There is even one hot water heater.

But God is not ready to open the new clinic.

The electric company has been installing electricity poles and wiring throughout the neighborhood. However, they stopped seven poles short of the clinic.

Dr. Soh was approached by one of the company's foremen. In Dr. Soh's words, "I think he wanted me to pay him a lot of money." 

In relating the story to us, Dr. Soh did not show open disappointment. Instead, he was quietly confident and told us that he is sure God will bring electricity for free to his clinic.

There is the school immediately adjacent to the clinic land. It has been operational, with children attending, and does not have electricity either. The government will eventually bring electricity down the street in front of Dr. Soh's clinic. Until then, he is content to wait on God's timing.

We, as Americans, are a little slower than he in coming to that place of contentment. It was a great encouragement to us to see his trust. He always teaches us so much about faith!

PMTs Mary and Steve Holman and Kyle and Diane Krall stand with Dr. Ousmane Soh in the courtyard of his new clinic. (Photo by Wrede Vogel)

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