Waging war against addiction

November 13, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Patients from the Doot Center at The Right Way in Rivne, Ukraine, conduct a team-building exercise with one another.  (Photos submitted)

Waging war against addiction

The following is and example of how The Right Way is reaching out to individuals struggling with the forces of evil and addictions.

Michael, 43, was hardened by a life in the military, but watched all of that hard work come crashing down due to an addiction to alcohol.

Here is Michael’s story in his own words:

I always felt God in my life. I had nice childhood. My parents were very kind and careful people.

I have always dreamed of becoming a member of the military. My dream came true.

Successes in military service and new titles turned my head. So there were alcohol, girls, parties…

Finally, I met the girl of my dreams. We fell in love and soon got married.

In that period, my relationship with God was not too close. Such “freedom” helped me to live as I liked.

Because of alcohol, I nearly drowned twice.

I got in car accidents two times because of [alcohol]. Nothing happened to me, but some people who were in my car died or were disabled as a result.

I often thought, “Why was I so lucky?”

Maybe someone protected me all the time?

One day, sorrow happened in my family, too. My father fell ill and died in my arms. I begged the Lord to keep him alive. But my dad died. He was not 60.

I was very offended by God. I began to drink a lot and often. As a result, I was fired from the army. After that, my addiction progressed much more.

Now I’m at the Doot Center. It was not easy to confess my powerlessness before addiction. I always considered myself a strong man.

It was also problematic to restore my relationship with God. I repented before Him. I apologized to my wife, too.

Now, I understand all the dangers in my life from which I was saved. I understand it was not simply a lucky case. It was not because I was so lucky man! It was because God cared for me. He continued to protect my life even then when I did not want to know Him.

I would like to ask you to pray for me and my family because there is still a lot of work ahead.

rivne-project.jpgSeveral recovery patients at The Right Way's Doot Center Rivne, Ukraine, fill out some paperwork for their studies in September. 

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