Videos share ministry voices

May 12, 2017 at 6:00 AM


Videos share Luke Society voices

By Dan Breen

From time to time we have the opportunity to share some videos created out in the field at our ministry locations.

Often times still photos tell only part of the story. One of the true blessings of video is being able to hear native voices.

Natives use different words, emphasize different syllables and speak in a rhythm all their own.

It's a wonderful reminder of the variety God put in this world way back to the time of the tower of Babel.

We hope you will enjoy these three video. Pay special attention to the voices, and praise the Lord that even though we are different, we serve the same living God.


Video 1: A flight through the island of Papua, Indonesia. The ministry location that Dr. Julius Surjadi works in is only accessible though flights with Mission Aviation Fellowship into grass airstrips built into the mountains. It's a fascinating experience.

Video 2:
Dr. Frederic Djongali has continued to expand his clinic, offering the people of Moundou, Chad, hope through a healing medical clinic. Besides his clinic, he also has a surgical center and more recently has begun a school where he is training about 240 nurses to serve.


Video 3: Luke Society Executive Director Dr. Wrede Vogel had an opportunity to speak about the Luke Society ministry during a missions service at First Reformed Church in Orange City, Iowa. (Video credit:


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