Travel pass to eternity

January 25, 2017 at 6:00 AM


(Editor’s note: Cindy Van Andel and her husband, Brent, are on a Partnership Ministry Team to N’Dali, Benin. Cindy is family medicine physician at Española Medical Clinic in Española, N.M., and is also a member of the Luke Society Board of Directors.)

Travel pass to eternity

By Cindy Van Andel

We have been blessed with good and safe travel over the years on our trips to Latin America and Africa. But we have not always done our part to make it so.

We have waited for hours at the airport to get a hotel shuttle only to finally figure out we were on the wrong level.

We have mistakenly thought we did not need to get another boarding pass after going through customs as we returned from Honduras, ultimately leading to a mad dash through the airport to try to catch our plane.

But we also had a really smooth experience at the Paris airport after our first visit to Benin. We were traveling part of the way with former Luke Society International Ministry Coordinator Phil David, who gave us a special pass to use at the Paris airport that would allow us to bypass most of the security line at customs. “You just take this and walk to the special desk,” he told us as he went off to another part of the airport.

Now, I have already established that we are not the most savvy travelers, and it was with some trepidation that we took the pass and walked by many people who were waiting in the regular line.

What if we were doing something wrong? Were we going to be scolded by the airport worker when we gave this pass and then made to feel embarrassed as he told us that we needed to return to the other line? Would we even understand the scolding since we speak almost no French?

But like a charm, we just presented the pass, and we walked through the checkpoint on our way to enjoy a vacation (and to get confused by the train system — but that is a different story).

This makes me think of the “pass to heaven” that Jesus gives us. He offers us eternal life if we surrender to Him and acknowledge that He saved us from our sins — the righteous dying for the unrighteous. But we need to accept this pass and trust that Jesus will keep His promise and welcome us to eternal life in heaven with Him.

I am thankful that God has always been and will always be faithful in keeping His promises and that we can fully trust Him.

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