Toppling our gods

April 01, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Haiti14.jpgStudents in a school near Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti, receive instruction from their teacher. Schools near many ministry sites have been closed.

Toppling our gods

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

I tried to come up with a blog about something other than coronavirus. I really did. But nothing seemed quite right or appropriate.

Then, something popped into my head.

Remember back in the days of Moses when God was doling out plagues on the Egyptians? Each one of those plagues targeted a specific Egyptian god. God’s directive wasn’t some random coincidence.

Fast-forward some 3,500 years and imagine what it would be like if God was operating in the same manner during this modern-day COVID-19 crisis.

One by one, God is picking off our earthly gods.

Since none of us can place ourselves in a universe even remotely close to God's intellect and wisdom, take this as an extremely superficial look into how God's mind may view all the aspects of life we've deemed "vitally" important.

Let's start with money. Everyone treats money as a god to some extent. Why don’t we see how Wall Street does with this?

Now, let's go from Wall Street to Main Street. Your job is your life? Maybe we’ll close businesses for a while.
Relationships and time with friends is your god? Let me introduce you to something called social distancing.

How about sports? Let's go ahead and lock down stadiums. TV and Hollywood is your god? Theatre and production companies, you can take five.

Oh, and those designer clothes? I guess we'll just have to close down all the shopping centers. You bow to the god of good grades? I'll hit a pause button on schools.

Drinking and merriment? The entertainment industry? That ritzy vacation? I guess you know by now who's in control.

When everything is stripped away, what’s left?

I hope your answer is your faith and your family.

When a slumbering Jesus was in the boat with his disciples during a raging storm on the Sea of Galilee, the Master had no panic. It took a mere three words for him to show dominion over the situation: "Peace! Be still," (Mark 4:39). With Christ in your boat, there's nothing to fear.

In this time when many gods have been stripped away, there's one that has grown even greater: the god of fear. These are strange times, and fear is a natural human emotion, but fear should never be allowed to encompass the totality of our lives.

We serve a God who is greater. We serve the one who knows the past and knows the future. We trust the one who controls everything in heaven and earth at the command of his voice.

Instead of being people of fear, it's time to be people of faith.

May you and your family stay safe and healthy, and may your faith shine as a light in the darkness.

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