Time of your life

December 07, 2018 at 6:00 AM


Time of your life

By Dan Breen Dan short 3.jpg

A couple of days ago I was cleaning some clutter off my desk when something caught my attention. My desktop calendar hadn’t been changed since May.

Wrinkled by time and discolored by droplets of spilled tea, the calendar page was a subtle reminder that life doesn’t stand still.

December often catches us in the lament of, “Where has the year gone?” It seems only yesterday people were making resolutions to eat less fats and spend more time burning them. Now, we’re at the end of a calendar year.

Time doesn’t stop. It’s one aspect of life we can’t control. The fleeting ticks travel only in a clockwise direction.

Fortunately, we do control one aspect of time: How effectively we use it.

The Luke Society has ministries at a variety of stages of maturity and development. While some directors are nearing the twilight of their careers, others are establishing footings as new ministries.

Dr. Nestor Salavarria of Olancho, Honduras is the dean of Luke Society directors. For 35 years he has poured blood and sweat into bringing a high level of health care to his region. In addition to the health care advances, Nestor has spent his weekends planting more than three dozen churches.

Contrast that with our newest Indonesian directors who weren’t even born when Salavarria
began his ministry. As their ministry comes into clearer focus, they face many of the same challenges Salavarria did as they evaluate their gifts and calling and how the Lord might use them within the context of a Muslim-influenced culture. Both are at different stages of life, but are using the time they have for the Lord.

Life offers no guarantees in the time we tarry this earth. Each day, each hour, each minute is a gift. It’s also an opportunity to serve the Lord. How will we use each moment to expand Christ’s kingdom?

From near and far we are are encouraged by the way we see time used each day. Luke Society ministries are teaching, preaching and healing. They’re changing lives. We see GAP supporters making time to lift the needs and concerns of the Luke Society to the Lord in prayer. We see volunteers stuffing envelopes to donors, and donors taking time to return a check in the mail to support the ongoing work of the Luke Society. Our PMTs use their time to communicate with ministry directors they love and support.

We’re thankful for each way you are impacting the kingdom through the use of your time!
May the Lord grant you the time and opportunities in this year ahead to faithfully serve Him in our calling as Christians. May we be a people of Light in a darkened world.

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