Supporting Asia relief fund

June 07, 2019 at 6:00 AM

india-roofing3.jpgVillagers in India strap plastic polithin sheets down on the roofs of their homes to protect them from the intense heat of the summer.

Supporting Asia relief fund

By Dr. Wrede Vogel Wrede short.jpg

Cyclone Fani, one of the strongest storms to hit India in decades, landed on the east coast of Odisha in early May. The brunt of the storm struck the mission field of Luke Society directors Dr. Pushpa and Rev. Prem Rout. The following is an excerpt of an e-mail Dr. Rout sent a few days after the storm hit:

 “People over the immediate coast are in miserable condition! Almost all the houses are damaged and not a single tree survived in the whole area. Villagers are sitting helplessly under polyethylene tarps, using umbrellas to cover their heads or wrapping wet towels over their heads to save themselves from the scorching heat and humidity. People are dying from extreme dehydration. Old people are dying from heart attacks. No medical facility has been open in this devastated area. There is no functioning electricity or water.”

The Routs, at that time, were still unable to reach the villages due to blocked roads and lack of fuel. Later, they stated:

 “We are getting ready to visit the typhoon-devastated people now. We need some help from you to help these people in misery. Please keep praying for us for the Lord’s wisdom and protection.”

It is important to realize that the people the Routs describe are very dear to them. Prem and Pushpa have been working in these villages for almost 20 years. Many have been led to Christ. I can sense clearly that their hearts are aching as they see the trauma these poor villagers are going through.

We advanced some funds to allow the Routs to respond to this acute need. I have also counseled them to focus their response to where government and other organization’s responses are lacking, and to coordinate their efforts with other agencies.

We anticipate a cost of $15,000-$20,000 for this emergency response. Although our calling is in long-term community development and evangelism, the relationships our directors develop in their work allows an effective response in disasters.




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