Support a new Sri Lanka clinic

March 16, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Sri-Lanka-clinic-location.jpgBrush is cleared away from the location of a new clinic in Habaraduwa, Sri Lanks, run by Dr. Avindra Jayawardene. (Photo submitted)

Support a new Sri Lanka clinic

By Greg Kuiper   Greg short.jpg

As Easter approaches, it is difficult not to be reminded of the tragic bombings that took place in three churches and three hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka, last year, killing 253 and injuring at least 500.

Events like these seize international attention, as they should. But behind the scenes, God is orchestrating matters of far greater importance, virtually unnoticed by global media.

Dr. Avindra Jayawardene is one of our newest Luke Society partners. Graduating near the top of his medical school class, Avindra was blessed with many comfortable job offers in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. He declined all of them, sensing a strong call from God which instructed him, “I have a work for you in the south.” In obedience, he moved his family to Galle, near the southern tip of Sri Lanka, training physicians in the university medical school while starting a part-time ministry in the impoverished community of Habaraduwa.

But for Avindra, the urgency of bringing the Gospel to Sri Lanka intensified when Christians were targeted in last year’s bombings. Recognizing that the time and opportunities to bring eternal hope and healing to this predominantly Buddhist nation are short, Avindra took some bigger steps of faith.

This past month, he resigned from his stable job at the university and also moved his family further south to Habaraduwa so that he can devote himself full time to his ministry.

Avindra needs our help. The landlady of his small rented clinic knows he is a Christian and is threatening to terminate his lease. Avindra has purchased property where he plans to construct his own clinic, giving him the freedom to openly share the Good News with his patients.  We invite you to invest in this Kingdom-building effort, with a goal of providing $30,000 for this clinic to become a reality.

To support this project, please indicate in the memo line of your check, or designation location on your return donation card or online donation that you wish for your gift to go to the Sri Lanka clinic project.

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