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November 14, 2019 at 6:00 AM

ghana-hospital-expansion.jpgThe foundations and footings for the expansion of the medical center have already been laid. (Photo by Greg Kuiper)

Support Ghana building project

By Dr. Greg Kuiper  Greg short.jpg

What do you suppose happens when a thriving medical clinic and hospital are so successful that thousands of patients are cared for each month?

An inevitable outcome is that patients and staff are inappropriately crowded, making it difficult to provide the high-quality personal care for which the Luke Society Mission in Kasei, Ghana, is well-known.

Dr. John Oduro-Boateng began his partnership with the Luke Society in 1988, initially providing medical and surgical care in a three-room mud brick home. By God’s grace, the ministry gradually grew to a fully functional hospital.

Of special significance is that Oduro-Boateng is also passionate about the spiritual health of his patients and staff. Every morning before the work day begins, a full-time staff pastor leads worship in the waiting room, and later offers Biblical counseling to those who request it.

The Luke Society Mission in Kasei needs more space for medical and surgical wards. A generous donor made it possible to begin construction of the Peter Boelens Memorial Medical Block, a two-story addition which will be the final phase of construction for Oduro-Boateng’s medical campus. Another generous benefactor has provided a $50,000 matching gift to help complete this project. It’s our goal to reach that $50,000 mark in our fundraising.

Kindly consider partnering in the challenge to match this gift, advancing God’s kingdom in Ghana.


The following are typical monthly statistics from the ministry in Ghana:


  • Clinic consultations: 3,300-3,400
  • Community medical consultations: 800-900
  • Surgical cases: 80-100
  • Laboratory procedures: 1,000-1,500
  • Births: 75-100
  • Prescriptions dispensed: 2,300-2,800
  • Conversions to Christ: 5-20
    (Source: Reports from Luke Society Mission in Kasei, 2019)


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