Strong like sequoias

September 29, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Ousmane Soh, Nathan Stob, Dr. Wrede Vogel and Dr. Pal Oroszi size themselves up against the trunk of a tree in Sequoia National Park.

Strong like sequoias

By Nathan Stob

This past February the Luke Society held its Partnership Ministry Team (PMT) Conference in Visalia, California. I am thankful for a day before the conference spent with a few ministry directors in Sequoia National Park as they were adjusting to the difference in time zone.

As we drove up the winding mountain road and later walked among the snowy landscape it was difficult not to be in awe of the majestic, towering Sequoia trees. Their trunks were massive and it gave the place a mysterious Narnian feel.

In these moments it was also difficult not to compare these soaring trees with the ministry directors who stood beside them. They are giants of the faith. They have a towering sort of maturity that has been refined by difficult times.

Over the years these men and women have received resistance to different political and spiritual forces that has given them a joyful calm which you know can withstand future storms. They have stood firm, endured, resisted, and persevered. They have learned to let go of the things of this world which might keep them from following Jesus. Their hearts and lips sing with confidence as they look not to what is seen, but to what is unseen.

I feel blessed when I have the chance to fellowship with Luke Society ministry directors. They have much to say to each of us here in the United States. In our land of prosperity and entertainment, we can learn a lot by watching their steadiness and self-denial as they seek Christlike character.

So, dear reader, when difficult times come, do not lose heart. Rather follow the examples of these heroes of the faith and look to Jesus. Let us join them in keeping our eyes focused on God’s eternal promises and lean hard into the truth of God’s word.

Dr. Pal Oroszi takes a look at one of the giant sequoia trees from a distance during a trip to California for the PMT conference last February.

Nathan Stob's size is no match for the gentle giants that call Sequoia National Park home in central California.


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