Starting the wave

August 06, 2019 at 6:00 AM

wave.jpgThe wave is an age-old tradition in stadiums, but it's similar to how ministries develop within the Luke Society.

Starting the wave

By Dan Breen dan blog header long.png

If you’ve been to a lot of sporting events, you can almost predict when it’s about to happen. It’s usually around sixth inning, or late in the third quarter, or any equivalent of two hours into a given contest.

Fans get a little restless; they’ve already blown $20 on hot dogs, soft drinks and cotton candy; the game’s newness has worn off, but the end’s not immediately near.

That’s when a few fans set out to inject some life back into the quieted patrons by an attempt to start the stadium wave. The wildly ambitious fans collect enough support in their seating section to hoot and holler at the top of the lungs and progress a tangible flow of excitement in one direction or another.

The movement’s beginnings are always humble at best. The fans give it a second try with a few more joining the effort. It happens again and again, each time gaining a little more steam before fizzling out. As more people realize what’s going on, more give themselves to the effort. Then, with one final burst of momentum, the wave encircles the entire stadium with almost everyone offering a brief stand and stretch as it passes through their seating section.

The wave is about momentum, but not to be lost in its success is the fact it was one or two fans who had the vision to move the hearts and minds of 30,000 complete strangers who joined their movement.

Luke Society ministries usually function in a similar way. In most cases, it begins with one passionate medic with a goal of improving health care and bringing the Gospel to their own people. It starts small, but little by little a ripple effect is felt.

Health care improves in the cities and villages. Excitement grows. People take ownership and responsibility. Spiritual care begins to sprout and blossom. Churches are planted. Communities are transformed.

All because one person felt the Lord’s calling to start a movement.

The Luke Society has been blessed with numerous men and women with the desire to start a wave in their own countries. Acts 13:47 says, “I [the Lord] have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

May we all have that same excitement to make a wave of difference for Christ in the places he’s called us.

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