Sharing gifts in Bolivia

December 28, 2017 at 6:00 AM



(Editor's note: Apolos Landa is the Luke Society's regional coordinator in South America and the former director of Asociación San Lucas in Moyobamba, Peru. He continues to make his home in Moyobamba.)

Kingdom building in Peru

By Apolos Landa

Anyone who briefly meets Teodocia Paredes cannot even imagine the tremendous capacity and potential for multifunctional service that she deploys.

She assists her community in everything from cures, sutures and complex references to hospitals, to the effective communication of messages of health and salvation in the community; from the reconciliation of offended couples and neighbors in conflict to the reconciliation of each soul with their God and Heavenly Father.

Teo untiringly shares the Word of God under the shade trees to diverse audiences, fulfilling with joy her work and spreading her joy to those who have the delight of accompanying her more time.

Even working with poor, she does not foster dependency and manages to encourage them to share in the cost of running the clinic by charging an affordable fee.

This is going to be the seventh year of this beautiful ministry. We have been praying for some time for a Partnership Ministry Team to accompany her in prayer, encouragement and advice, and to add themselves to the impact Teo and her team have had in these communities of impoverished Quechua and Aymaran peasants from Cochabamba, Bolivia.




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