September GAP newsletter

September 05, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Patients wait outside El Buen Pastor in Olancho, Honduras, for an opportunity meet with a doctor. Medics can be scarce in other countries.  (Photo by Dan Breen)

September GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob Nathan short.jpg

About one year ago I was in Liberia, Africa and broke out in hives. I was having an al­lergic reaction from something I touched or ate and it continued to get worse. At the time this happened I was too far away from our Luke Society medical clinic to receive assistance there, so I sought help from another local clinic.

Outside the clinic sat hundreds of Liberians, waiting in the hot African sun, to be seen by local medical professionals. Many of these patients had medical conditions much worse than my own and had avoided visiting a doctor because of lack of insurance or means to pay for their treatment.

I highlight this story as a reminder of how easy and accessible it is for most of us living in the western world to receive quality medical care.

According to the World Fact Book, the United States has 2.45 physicians per 1,000 people. Compare this to Liberia where there only 1 physician for every 100,000 resi­dents.

Please be in prayer for the sick and hurting around the world. Pray for patients who visit Luke Society medical clinics such as the one in Liberia where 12,325 patients where seen last year.

Behind each of these numbers is a real person with a real medical concern. Pray also for the Luke Society medical professionals who faithfully serve these large number of patients. May God give them wisdom to heal and boldness to share the Gospel message.

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