Seeing the bigger picture

September 06, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Philippe-vertical.jpgPhilippe carries a chicken, which was the payment for a medical consultation Dr. Martin Luther Osse conducted in Borandu, Benin. 

Seeing the bigger picture

By Brent Van Andel

One of the privileges we have had on our trips to Benin is visiting the villages surrounding the main town of N’Dali, where the ministry is located.

On these trips to the villages we are usually accompanied by Philippe who is the community health worker for the ministry. He travels regularly to various villages in the area and teaches community health and evangelism.

On our trip to Benin this past spring one of the things he said really struck me. One day at lunch, my wife, Cindy, Dr. Wrede Vogel and I were talking with Dr. Martin Luther Osse about his vision for building a surgery center in N’Dali, as well as his other plans for the ministry. Philippe was there too.

When we asked him what his vision was, he promptly replied, “That the whole community of N’Dali comes to know Jesus.”

When the question was asked, I thought his answer would have had something to do with health education — better teaching materials, more wells in the community, or a more reliable motorcycle.

But his vision went way beyond each of these things.

At times ministry can be tiring. We may grow weary. We may ask ourselves if the sacrifices we are making are worth it. We may even think about quitting. But having a vision like Phillippe’s can help us persevere. Having this vision will help us to keep walking, keep striving, and keep pressing on.

Our purpose is to know God and to make Him known.  Is there anything more important than that? Is there any vision that is greater than that?

When we realize our ultimate purpose and reason for being, everything else seems to make sense.

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