In search of redemption

September 27, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Eduard works in the kitchen at the Doot Center as he recovers from alcoholism brought on by difficult life circumstances. (Photo submitted)

In search of redemption 

The following is and example of how The Right Way is reaching out to individuals struggling with the forces of evil and addictions.

Eduard, 47, was born into a Ukrainian nationalist family and brought up in Cossack traditions that taught him that difficulties harden a person and make him a real Cossack.

Here is Eduard’s story in his own words:

I met my wife. It was true love! We had a daughter together. However, someone envied our happiness.

One evening, my wife returned to home. Near the house an unknown person attacked her and brutally killed her. She was only 23.

After that, my life lost any sense. My daughter was the only joy in my life. I was 26 in that time.

My challenges started from that period. Instead of looking for the real killers of my wife, the police began to suspect me. I visited the police for a whole year like going to a job. My mother always accompanied me to the police, reminding me that she believed me and loves me as a son.

But her health was broken and she got cancer. She soon died.

I began to drink alcohol. My addiction became strong.

I met my second wife, and she gave birth to two nice children for me. Despite the new family, tasks and responsibility, I had regular “bad” days. Every such day I used alcohol.

My wife asked, begged, cried for me to stop it! Finally she divorced me.

One day, my friends invited me to the Church. I knew God, who gave me repentance; unfortunately, it was not for a long before I began to drink again and again.

Because of my youngest sister, I got into the Doot Center. This story was also like a miracle from above. My sister did quite a lot for a Rivne organization, which cared for disabled children. So she met Vitaly Korsunsky and asked him to help.

Now, I try to realize who I am and where I have to move. Here I could renew my relationship with God. I cried like a child.

Please, pray for my family, my children, my wife and for my sister. They continue to believe in me.


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