Reaching families

March 06, 2017 at 6:00 AM

A medical issue in 10-year-old Emerson Pacheco allowed Dr. Beatriz Navidad an opportunity to meet  his family who is in need to prayers.

(Editor’s note: Dr. Beatriz Navidad is the director of the Clinica Lukas in Metapán, El Salvador. She previously served in the community of El Pimental before moving in Metapán late in 2014)

Reaching families

By Dr. Beatriz Navidad

The community of La Isla in Metapan, El Salvador, has the peculiarity of not allowing evangelicals to live among them.

Our school sex education plan visited them for the first time and suddenly an emergency came up.

Ten-year-old Emerson Pacheco had a mishap with the zipper of his trousers that completely stuck in his skin. The students were shocked because Emerson was crying in pain.

God gave me the opportunity to assist him with appropriate measures, and to encourage the child, the students and the teachers that everything would be all right. A teacher took him to the nearest hospital.

I invited them all to raise a prayer to God to watch over Emerson. Everyone joined in the prayer and said good-bye to the child at the door of the school.

The Lord has different means of opening doors and being light between people. We later visited Emerson in his home and we thank the Lord he is doing very well.

We started our friendship with the family and learned that Emerson is the eighth of 11 children. He lives in a humble home with his parents, all his siblings, grandparents and three adult uncles who suffer severe physical and intellectual disability. Despite their needs, they live together and help each other.

The last year, we did not have the expected harvest due to the lack of rain so they are suffering. We pray that God will come alongside the family and they will have a hope of the Living Water that will help them to move forward.

Our goal is to continue working with students and families, proclaiming the name of Jesus with our service.

Her timing of being at a school during an emergency allowed Dr. Beatriz Navidad to meet the Pacheco family whom she was able to assist.

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