Rafey, D.R., through the lens

July 26, 2018 at 6:00 AM


Rafey, D.R., through the lens

By Dan Breen Dan short 3.jpg

In June, I traveled with Luke Society International Ministry Coordinator Nathan Stob and Dr. Wrede Vogel to Rafey, Dominican Republic, to visit Dr. Johny Belarme  and his ministry.

Consultorio Medica Integral El Buen Pastor is one of the newest Luke Society ministries, having begun its work in 2016. Dr. Belarme has a staff of four in his clinic in Rafey, on the outskirts of Santiago - the Dominican Republic's second largest city. He also works with numerous health care promoters in small villages in and around Esperanza as well as promoting a Biblical view on sexuality for teenage girls in the area.

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