Profile: Patzun, Guatemala

May 24, 2017 at 6:00 AM


(Join us as we take a closer look at each of our ministry partners from the viewpoints of the ministry directors. Three to four ministries will be profiled per month, so check back often to learn more about the Luke Society's 42 ministry partners.)

Profile: Patzun, Guatemala




Ministry: Asociacion Vida
Location: Patzun, Guatemala
rector: Dr. Axel Suquen
Established: 1997
Employees: 20



Q&A with the Director

Q: What are the important components to your ministry?
A: Medical and dental care, pharmacy, laboratory, and the production and sale of purified water. We work with churches in integral mission and promotion of citizen participation in justice, training and training of health promoters and trained traditional midwives.

Q: What factors led you into a career in ministry work?
A: The Bible motivates me to serve the people of our communities in a holistic way. As a physician I have the responsibility to serve my people with my abilities and gifts.

Q: Describe some parts of the culture in the region where you operate your ministry?
A:  Our community is suffering many cultural changes because of globalization. The Internet has made the new generations almost disconnected from their roots. There is much social unrest, and political dissatisfactions. Red zones, as they call the city’s dangerous areas, still do not exist in our communities but if there are no substantial changes in decision-makers, situations can become even more violent.

Q: How are you able to witness about Christ in your ministry?
A: Giving medical attention with love and compassion; teaching the church the power of practical love in its context; teaching community leaders the value of justice before God; and sharing Biblical teaching with all.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in your position?
A: Seeing the blessing our work means in the lives of the poorest and neediest.

Q: What is your vision for the future of your ministry?
A: In the next five years, we will reach the 16 municipalities of the department of Chimaltenango, with mobilization of the church and the community for social justice.


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