Profile: Metapan, El Salvador

December 13, 2017 at 6:00 AM


Join us as we take a closer look at each of our ministry partners from the viewpoints of the ministry directors. Three to four ministries will be profiled per month, so check back often to learn more about the Luke Society's 42 ministry partners.)

Profile: Metapan, El Salvador




Ministry: Fundación Visión Familiar 

Location: Metapan, El Salvador

Directors: Dr. Beatriz Navidad

Established: 2012

Employees: 3


Q&A with Dr. Beatriz Navidad

Q: What are the important components to your ministry?
A: The Fundación Visión Familiar which has general consultation and dentistry; and our projects in the community; our program in schools which teaches sex education, prevention of HIV and life skills; our school oral care program; promotion of health through: clean patios, elimination of vectors, self care, water purification, prevention of common diseases; we have prevention of cervical cancer campaigns; and hold health fairs in churches located in areas of high poverty.

Q: What factors led you into a career in ministry work?
A: A deep passion and love put God in my heart by deprived and vulnerable people in different situations and conditions of life, mainly to those with difficult access to health; and my yearning to share the Christian Gospel of Jesus.

Q: Describe some parts of the culture in the region where you operate your ministry?
A: Metapán is the largest municipality of El Salvador in territory with 29 cities and 227 villages.

In the rural area you travel long distances to get the health services in national or private clinics, a reason why patients neglect their treatment of diseases.

School centers are in the city. There are bad roads and inefficient transportation and for youth it is difficult for them to continue their studies and leave professional projects. Metapán has high rates of pregnancy in teenagers causing many of them to drop out of school and family separation.

It is one of the municipalities with high levels of traditional religion and rituals. They refuse to allow the influence of other faiths in their community, and are mostly unaware of the plan of salvation of Jesus.

Q: How are you able to witness about Christ in your ministry?
A: My effort is to work with a lifestyle the way Jesus taught, making no distinction of people or our services, while respecting beliefs and practices. By applying the Word in our daily communication, it will never return empty. We try to be efficient, responsible and friendly in our work.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in your position?
A: Interacting with people. I can help a need, provide them information for them to make decisions. And being an ambassador of the love of Jesus Christ.

Q: What is your vision for the future of your ministry?
A: Strengthen the relationship with the community and strengthen educational programs with youth groups to train leaders to construct life projects to achieve success in their future; prevent pregnancy in adolescents with sex education; workshops with elderly groups of in prevention of diabetes and hypertension; training of community health promoters; having a testimony of lives transformed by the love of Jesus Christ; strategically extending the coverage of health to communities.


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