Profile: Cochabamba, Bolivia

April 24, 2017 at 6:00 AM


(Join us as we take a closer look at each of our ministry partners from the viewpoints of the ministry directors. Three to four ministries will be profiled per month, so check back often to learn more about the Luke Society's 42 ministry partners.)

Profile: Cochabamba, Bolivia




Ministry: Fundacion Sumaj Sonqo
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia 
rector: Teodocia Paredes Cabrera
Established: 2010
Employees: 5



Q&A with the Director

Q: What are the important components to your ministry?
A: To contribute to improving the integral health of children, adolescents, women, families and the community of Chilimarca through primary care and achieving healthy behaviors; to contribute in the improvement of the personal and family life conditions in Chilimarca; to prevent the problems that appear in their families and thus developing behaviors and healthy spaces in an integral form; to facilitate training spaces by seeking families and communities to take action to develop the determinants of integral health by building spaces and healthy lifestyles.

Q: What factors led you into a career in ministry work?
A: I felt the call of God to be an instrument of work and to teach of His Word. As a nurse, I saw the need to help people in need in our community.

Q: Describe some parts of the culture in the region where you operate your ministry?
A: In our community in years past we had many young people involved in gangs. Over time, we managed to change many of them, but the youth of today are recreating groups of young people entertaining bad habits and engaging in alcohol and drugs. In our community, a majority of people believe in false gods, where they worship images and perform festivals. With our work, we take the Word of a real God, where people listen and accept the Word of God.

Q: How are you able to witness about Christ in your ministry?
A: During my professional preparation, I prayed a lot to the Lord so that I could finish my studies. Because we had no money, there were days that I did not eat. But in all that affliction, God has sustained me and now I thank Him for his work in me.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in your position?
A: I like to work with the people of my community and to reach their homes with the Word of God.

Q: What is your vision for the future of your ministry?
A: Our vision for the future is that our children, adolescents, women, families and communities have healthy, dignified and hopeful spaces where they can develop skills to build healthy life projects through values ​​in Christ and grateful hearts.


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