Overcoming obstacles

January 24, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Axel Suquen holds a certificate of achievement, recognizing the ministry for the work done in the community. (File photo). 


(Editor's note: Dr. Axel Suquen is the director of Asociación VIDA in Patzún, Guatemala. The ministry has been supported by the Luke Society since 1996.)

Overcoming obstacles

By Axel Suquen

Two years ago, after many work meetings, we finished a community health project that would benefit more than 100,000 people in the region of Patzun, Guatemala.

It was a great fete. We wept at the end in gratitude to God.

However, the municipal authorities used their authority to deceive and press the people. They managed to throw away so much of the effort.

It was very sad for me. My heart felt a great loss.

Today, I am again in the middle of a similar process – better elaborated and more strategic – in which I hope to succeed.

God, in His Word, teaches that we will not always succeed, but that he will always remain with us.

With his help, I have raised another project of the fallen walls and I hope that today we will achieve its approval and implementation.

Thank you for offering and praying for this process. Praise the Lord.

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