Orange you glad God cares?

July 12, 2017 at 6:00 AM

motocar.jpgA motorcar taxi, like the one Abigail Wanninger rode in, makes its way through the streets of Moyobamba, Peru.      (Photo by Dan Breen)

(Editor's note: Two students from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, are interning at Asociacion San Lucas in Moyobamba, Peru, this summer and will periodically be submitting blogs for this site. Abigail Wanninger of Berthoud, Colo., recently completed her sophomore year as a nursing student. Amy Greeb of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a junior biology-health professions major with a minor in Spanish.) 

Orange you glad God cares?

By Abigail Wanninger

Sometimes God provides in ways that you never expected.

An example of this I recently experienced involved a morning in which I was running late and a taxi ride with a stranger.

This past week Amy, Camille and I were assisting a group of American healthcare workers who came to provide surgeries, dental care and reading glasses. Our role in this was assisting with interpretation.

For a couple days this week, Amy and Camille went with a part of the group to a clinic in Moyobamba and I went to a clinic in a nearby town to help another part of the group.

On Tuesday morning, I was running particularly late getting out of the house for several reasons, and I was a little bummed that I hadn't grabbed an orange to take along to eat with my lunch. To put my morning further behind, I had to wait for another passenger to come before the mototaxi driver would leave for the other town. Eventually, another lady came and we set out.

About halfway into the trip, the lady opens her bag, takes out an orange, hands it to me, and closes her bag all without saying a single word. At first I was confused why she handed me an orange, but then I just smiled at the thought that God cares enough about me to provide an orange for my lunch.

Even though an orange is nothing huge, it is through the small reminders of God's love that I see just how immense He truly is.


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