November GAP newsletter

November 02, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Government persecution on Laotians inhibits their ability to freely worship. (Photo by Dr. Greg Kuiper)

November GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob  Nathan short.jpg

Southern Laos is a challenging place to be a Christian. Recently, there have been increased reports of persecution.

Our Luke Society doctor who works with many families in the region reported this week that, “both husbands and wives were arrested by the police because they [joined together in] worship.” Police came and dismantled their house and they “destroyed objects from the house. They dumped and strewed them about on the ground: milled rice, blankets, clothing, woven mats; they tossed it all.”

Our ministry partner continues the story of these believers: “They dragged us out of our houses; we had no choice but to get out. The reason being that we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.” The persecution continued as the government “restricted [us] from sleeping in the houses,” and “restricted [us] from getting rice to eat,” and “they nailed the doors shut on the houses to be left that way.”

The trials of these families could have been avoided if they had kept their Christian faith to themselves and not joined together for worship. However, their authentic faith would not allow that.

Losing one’s home is a devastating loss to a poor family in Laos. Please pray for the challenges these Christians are facing. As the government harasses them, may we pray that they will be given peace and strength and keep their eyes on their eternal reward. Pray for the additional challenge as a cyclone hit Laos this past week causing 28 houses to be destroyed and leaving seven districts immersed under water.

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