Nicaraguan rain delay

November 06, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Heavy rains caused flooding over a main roadway in Nicaragua making the path impassable .   (Photos by Dan Breen)

Nicaraguan rain delay

By Dan Breen

Nicaragua is home to many beautiful rivers that wind through the country’s wooded hills.

The picture you see above is definitely not one of them — at least not on this day. It’s really no river at all. It’s a road – and in this case, the only way back home for us.

Light sprinkles earlier in the day had turned into a heavy downpour during our visit to a village 20 miles away. Rainwater in this terrain has only one way out as it spills down the hillside from stream to stream, gathering volume and intensity as it goes.

It comes to a head at this location in what might as well have been the Nile River. Somewhere under the raging waters was a bridge we had crossed with no problem a few hours earlier.

Groups from both river banks had exited their vehicles in evaluation of their next move. Large limbs and fallen trees were cascading over a small dam and setting sail for the abyss.

With rain still falling, there was no telling how long it might take for the river waters to recede. There was nothing to do but wait.

As I stood there, I envisioned the Israelites on the precipice of the Promised Land in Joshua 3. Standing between them and their destiny was a flood-stage Jordan River. By no coincidence, it was this location God chose to again display His power and His presence to the people.

Remember, these are the same people who had waited patiently — or impatiently — as the sins of their parents were expunged during the last 40 years of wilderness wandering. Perhaps some of the eldest among them had witnessed the great miracle at the Red Sea years earlier, but it was now time for a new generation of God’s consecrated people to experience the might of God with their own eyes.

With the Ark of the Covenant before them, the flowing waters split and the giant throng crossed over on dry ground. Safety across, the people built a memorial with rocks pulled up from the middle of the riverbed to serve as a reminder for all future generations of God’s power and presence.

Our wait at the river only lasted 40 minutes — not 40 years —  but I must tell you, it felt good to be on the other side, to leave the past behind us and forge a new way forward.

It’s reassuring to know that none of our sins of the past can hold us back from our destiny with Christ. Jesus’ presence is with us today just as it was with the Israelites. When we follow in faith, he’ll lead us to our Promised Land with Him.

The team from Fundacion San Lucas makes a stop to determine whether the vehicles will be able to pass through the river waters.

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