New ministry: Kaniaka, Mali

June 03, 2020 at 6:00 AM

The new Luke Society partnership in Kaniaka, Mali, becomes the third ministry site in the western African nation. 

New ministry: Kaniaka, Mali

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

It's always a pleasure to introduce you to a new member of the Luke Society family, and we're excited to formally do that today.

Our newest ministry partner, Dr. Issaka Poudiougo, is located in site not unfamiliar to the Luke Society. His ministry base in Kaniaka, Mali, makes it the third Mali-based ministry partner within the Luke Society. 

The Lord put a dream in both the heart and mind of Dr. Poudiougo in 2005. He recalls the vivid imagery of that dream in which the Lord gave him a specific vision of the people, villages and landscape in an unevangelized area where He was calling him to work.

While Poudiougo was vigilant in his search for the location, it wasn’t until 11 years later that the Lord opened his eyes to a region in western Mali, along the Mauritanian border, where he has set down roots for ministry work.

The predominantly Muslim region has a general hostility toward Christians, but there’s also a great need for access to medical care, and Poudiougo has been warmly welcomed. His charming personality has helped him build relationships with the Fulani, Sonike and Moors tribesmen at a time when it would otherwise be nearly impossible for a person who is openly Christian. The location has also enabled the team to reach across the border into Mauritania.

Poudiougo’s ministry work with the Luke Society officially began in 2019. He operates a primary care clinic in Kaniaka out of a rented facility with special focuses on maternity health and child care. Issaka’s wife, Marie, is being trained in midwifery to complement her husband’s gifts. 

We encourage you to read more and see photos and a video from Dr. Issaka's ministry by clicking the link to visit the Kaniaka, Mali, ministry page.




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