Navidad educates students

November 29, 2017 at 6:00 AM

metapan-school2.jpgPart of Dr. Beatriz Navidad's ministry El Salvador is reaching young people in schools with proper information about sexual education. 

(Editor’s note: Dr. Beatriz Navidad is the director of the Clinica Lukas in Metapán, El Salvador. She previously served in the community of El Pimental before moving in Metapán late in 2014)

Navidad educates students

By Dr. Beatriz Navidad

The sexual education program is the axis of prevention that we work in Metapan schools.

Children are provided with adequate information on anatomy and sexual development in order to dissolve misconceptions that are taught from generation to generation.

For a positive attitude regarding their sexual development, the anatomical, moral, emotional and skills information is integrated.

We use the First Aid course to comprehensively cover learning and motivate them to prepare to develop skills and consolidate attitudes that raise their self-esteem.

Interacting with children in the First Aid course, they have the opportunity to repeat and repeat the concepts learned, which remind them of their abilities in life and respect for others.

Students in Metapan, El Salvador, raise their hands in response to a question from Luke Society director Dr. Beatriz Navidad.

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