More than physical healing

July 28, 2017 at 6:00 AM

abigailmusic.jpgAmy Greeb and Abigail Wanninger, interns from Northwestern College, helped with the music program in Moyobamba Peru.  (Photo submitted)

(Editor's note: Two students from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, are interning at Asociacion San Lucas in Moyobamba, Peru, this summer and will periodically be submitting blogs for this site. Abigail Wanninger of Berthoud, Colo., recently completed her sophomore year as a nursing student. Amy Greeb of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a junior biology-health professions major with a minor in Spanish.) 

More than physical healing

By Abigail Wanninger

Amy and I are safely home now, thoroughly missing Peru and the people that we met there.

It is hard to believe that in eight short weeks a place could become so important.

In my nursing classes I am taught the importance of promoting shalom (health of body, mind, and spirit). The people of San Lucas Moyobabma embody this mission in everything they do. They go beyond simply treating the physical, building relationships and trust with the various groups.

With the mothers, they promote health through education of topics like nutrition, but they also promote health through listening and talking.

In the music classes there is the physical benefit of strengthening facial muscles and re-teaching the children to breath. Beyond that though, is the emotional benefit of making friends.

In observing and working with the people of San Lucas, I was able to learn much about treating the whole person. It requires building a relationship and being willing to sit and listen even when you may want to jump in and take action.


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