Ministering amidst danger

February 17, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Alexander Shevchenko checks the vital signs of a patient during a recent medical trip to Makeyevka, Ukraine.                    (Photos submitted)

(Editor’s note: Dr. Alexander Schevchenko is the Luke Society ministry director in Lugansk, Ukraine. He has faithfully served in this role since 2013 despite a high level of political unrest in eastern Ukraine.)

Ministering amidst danger

By Dr. Alexander Schevchenko

At the end of January, in the framework of the Luke Society ministry, we traveled to Makeyevka, Ukraine. This is a big city located close to Donetsk.

Makeyevka, like Donetsk, is located close to the demarcation line. Every night the inhabitants of the city hear the sounds of exploding shells. We spent two days there. During the night we distinctly heard the sounds of shells exploding, which have waned some in Lugansk.

Four doctors (internist, neurologist, urologist and an oculist) and five volunteers participated in this trip. We implemented our medical consultations in the largest Baptist church in Makeyevka.

During the civil conflict in Donbas, many people left the church and the city and became refugees in different parts Ukraine, Russia, the United States and other countries. But the church has survived and continues to serve the people of the city.

We met people with different problems during our medical consultations. In addition to solving purely medical issues, we prayed with them about healing, restoring relations, salvation of unbelievers and God's shalom.

Some people – mainly the unbelievers – are wary, worried and anxious, with no apparent or immediate prospects in their lives. Also, we met very strong Christians who continue to carry the Gospel to others despite everything. God bless them.

We were inspired by this ministry despite the long distance between Lugansk and Makeyevka (160 kilometers on a bad road).

On the way back, we got into a small car accident but no one was hurt – only the vehicle was damaged. Praise the Lord for all His blessings. We came back home successfully that day.

The next day we learned that Makeyevka was under fire in the area where we were. The school and several buildings were damaged, but the church and our friends were not injured.

You can see more photos by clicking here on the Luke Society Facebook page.

An oculist with the medical team from Lugansk runs some test on a patient during a mobile medical clinic in Makeyevka, Ukraine, in January.

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