March GAP newsletter

March 01, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Susie Cayaon and her son, Harry, go live during a radio broadcast inside the studios of DZRK in Palawan. (File photo)

March GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob Nathan short.jpg

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES—The chief goal at the Luke Society ministry in Palawan, Philippines, is for people to hear and respond to the Gospel message. This primarily happens through the medical clinic where more than 2,500 patients are ministered to each year as they receive medical support.

However, ministry directors Dr. Susie and Pastor Ben Cayaon, have also developed a unique way to spread the Gospel message through the DZRK radio station.

Pastor Ben manages the radio station which reaches out to nearby communities with health talks and Biblical programming. The small studio attached to their medical clinic serves to touch the minds and hearts of people they have not even met.

On Feb. 18, DZRK celebrated five years of spreading God’s Word. A special celebration was held to give thanks to God for the lives that have been touched through this radio ministry. People gathered for food, singing and listening to testimonies of impacted DZRK listeners.

Dr. Susie and Pastor Ben shared that a number of listeners “gave their testimonies [of how] their hopes were rekindled in the midst of trouble, their lives changed with God’s living Word” through the radio programming.

Please pray for the ongoing impact of the DZRK radio station in the Philippines. May people hear the words of truth and hope, and be drawn into a relationship with Jesus.Pray for this creative way to evangelize and for other Luke Society ministries and the unique ways directors are working to touch lives in Jesus’ name.

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