March GAP newsletter

March 02, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Lugansk, Ukraine, team members Sergey Serduyk and Alexander Shevchenko visit with some children in the Philippines. (File photo)

March GAP newsletter

By Dan Breen

Today’s cyber culture allows us to communicate easier than ever before through e-mail, texts and social media. I’m often reminded how much more difficult our jobs at the Luke Society would have been just 15-20 years ago — before all of our directors had Internet access.

Unfortunately, not every way we communicate today is perfect. What we’ve gained in convenience and ease, we’ve lost in personal face-to-face interaction.

We recognize the tremendous challenge you face as GAP supporters. Each month you receive a double-sided paper with foreign locations and hard-to-pronounce names. You’re then asked to pray. What a selfless act you perform on behalf of these men and women and their ministries!

To make your prayers for the Luke Society easier and more intimate, we are including a special poster with this mailing to show the faces of each ministry director and the locations they are serving. It’s our prayer that you will find a place in your home to keep this poster available, and that as you pray, you will become more familiar with the individuals you are uplifting.

For those of you reading this electronically, we regret that we cannot provide this poster in a digital format due to the potential harm it could cause directors in our most sensitive areas. However, if you reply to Luke Society Prayer Coordinator Deb DenHerder ( with a United States mailing address, we would be happy to mail you a copy at no cost.

Thanks again for all you do as supporters of the Luke Society. You play a valuable role in this ministry and we thank you for your selfless acts of lifting these ministries to the Lord in prayer.

Click on the link to read our full March GAP newsletter, including prayer requests from ministries around the world.

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