March GAP newsletter

March 01, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Activities like this in Quininde, Ecuador, keep children engaged and get them off the streets and out of trouble.              (Photo by Nathan Stob)

March GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob

Children in Quininde, Ecuador, surround Dr. Yeny Agila de Pinos and shower her with hugs. Dr. Yeny started her outreach to the youth of Ecuador in 2002 when she saw children who were hungry and committing crimes around the poverty-stricken area of Quininde.

Because of her vision, hard work and God’s grace, there are now three children’s programs in Quininde that feed children, teach them Bible stories, help them with homework, and give them encouragement.

Amazing transformations have happened in the past 15 years. Many of the individuals who were once receiving care have now become teachers in the children’s programs.

Most of them have powerful testimonies about how they grew up following the ways of the world, but through Dr. Yeny’s Christ-centered programs, they came to a belief in Jesus.

It transformed their lives.

Another amazing transformation has happened in the city of Quininde. Where there used to be violence, drugs and danger, there are now clean streets, bright colors and a spirit of community.
Praise God for how He has worked through Dr. Yeny and her faithful staff, and for the lives that have been transformed through this ministry.

Pray for Dr. Yeny as she works to connect more people to Jesus through a new phase of her ministry, the construction of a medical clinic in the community. 

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