Luke Society coronavirus help

June 11, 2020 at 6:00 AM


Luke Society coronavirus help

By Dr. Wrede Vogel  Wrede short.jpg

I’ve tried to keep a positive outlook through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve certainly seen positive impacts in my life — starting with an appreciation for how much I’ve taken for granted. I long to worship in person with my local congregation. I miss the openness I had meeting with friends and family. I miss visiting Luke Society partners who need encouragement.

Our Luke Society partners have reported unique and wonderful opportunities to show Christian compassion and share the Gospel with patients who have seen their world turned upside down by the pandemic. Our partner in Sri Lanka has become a witness of Christian compassion, staying open when many clinics around him closed to avoid contact with the virus.

Our ministries that generate revenue through busy medical clinics have typically needed the least financial support from the Luke Society. Ironically, some are now the ones with the greatest financial need as their governments have temporarily forced them to close. Some directors have had to wrestle with the stress of lowering salaries or even laying off employees to stay afloat financially during this crisis. Many of the directors themselves are taking steep
salary reductions.

We recognize that this financial need is temporary because medical care needs to continue. When the clinics reopen, they will be even busier. We feel compelled to help our partners stay viable until they can reopen. To help them through this crisis, we are providing those most affected with supplemental support to help them care for their employees through the temporary closure. The budget for our initial support is $55,000.

This is an unusual method of support for the Luke Society, but it fits with our long-term strategy of empowering our partners to bring health care and the Good News to the poorest of their neighbors. Please help us with this effort.

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