Love transforms and gives hope

August 21, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Tomas, received care from Asociación VIDA in Patzún, Guatemala, after he was badly burned. 

(Editor's note: Dr. Axel Suquen is the director of Asociación VIDA in Patzún, Guatemala. The ministry has been supported by the Luke Society since 1996.)

What God asks of us

By Axel Suquen

(The following was sent to provide an example of how the Luke Society ministry in Patzun, Guatemala, is providing hope in the community.)

Tomas suffered an epileptic seizure three months ago and fell in a campfire that he had make to heat his food in the field.

He severe burns, and because of his extreme poverty had spent three months without medical attention.

It was impactful and sad to find him at home without any treatment and without hope.

We treated the burns in the clinic and we have taken him for diagnostic studies. A possible carcinogenic mass in the head was identified and therefore convulses. He needed an operation on the head to remove the mass and confirm what type of mass is.

Almost all of the skin has now been recovered, and the evaluations that the hospital requires to enter and operate on it.

Thanks to the love and care he received, there is hope in the family and the community, and God is recognized and exalted. Without our support this would not be possible.

Thanks to the Luke Society for to loving God and his neighbor.

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