Living a double life

February 12, 2018 at 6:00 AM

rivne-singing.jpgTemporary residents of The Right Way in Rivne, Ukraine, spend some time singing together during their time of rehabilitation. 

Living a double life

By Dan Breen

The following is and example of how The Right Way is reaching out to individuals struggling with the forces of evil and addictions.

Vitaly, 27, admits he was living a double-life, but through rehabilitation he is seeking the new joy of living one life for Christ.

Here is Vitaly's story in his own words:

I was convicted atheist all my life. I grew up in a good, respectable family. My Christian parents tried to teach me moral and spiritual values.

From adolescence, I had an internal resistance to all the good and good things that my parents and teachers tried to teach me. Then it transformed in a real rebellion.

All this would be nothing if I did not eventually fall under the negative influence of my friends: tobacco, alcohol, drugs.

I tried to express myself by living in a constant party. However, when it came time to choose a companion for life, most of my friends tried to find themselves honest wives from good families. So I did the same.

I met beautiful, kind-hearted girl and fell in love. We married soon and had children.

Despite that, I continued to live a double life. I was one man with my family. I was absolutely another in the company of my old friends. I could not realize where I was real.

My wife was a Christian. She invited me to church many times. Sometimes I agreed out of respect to my wife, or in the cases when I had a lack of argument to refuse.

In the church I felt a cold sweat, like a fever. I began to feel sick. Inside me was a real revolution against all that I saw and heard in the church.

This double life finished when my wife asked me, looking into my eyes, “What’s wrong with you?”

I love my wife very much. I was afraid to lose her. So I decided to honestly confess to her everything.

I’m in the Doot Center at this moment. Here I have learned to accept that things, which I protested all my life before. I need to use it and practice it: to read the Bible, to pray, to ask forgiveness and learn to forgive.

Pray for me, please, because it is not easy for me. For example, when I began to speak with God through prayer or the Bible, dirty words and blasphemies came from somewhere.  Pastor explained to me that was the Devil trying to hurt my relations with God.

Also pray for my wife, children, parents.  I’d like to gift all of them joyful days, especially after so many problems that I caused them.

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