Laughter: a universal dialect

April 04, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Johnandchild.jpgDr. John Boateng interacts with a child and his mother as they wait for an opportunity to see a doctor in Burkina Faso. (Photo by Dan Breen) 

Laughter: a universal dialect

By Dr. Wrede Vogel

A constant challenge while working at the Luke Society is communicating across cultural and language barriers.

Even in our own culture and speaking the same language, miscommunication can and does occur.

It is much more difficult when speaking through a translator and when the meaning of the sentence may be interpreted differently in the context of a different culture.

Earlier this month I visited the Luke Society ministry in Senegal, West Africa. Dr. John Boateng, African Regional Coordinator, joined me along with the Partnership Ministry Team when we visited Dr. Ousmane Soh.

John, like all our regional coordinators, plays an indispensable role in translating language and interpreting across culture. His skill in bridging the communication gap, however, goes well beyond his language and cultural knowledge. John exudes a warmth and compassion that reflects the heart of a wonderful servant of Christ. That character shapes all of his communication.

Witness as you watch this short video which shows how, even without using their language of Pulaar, John was able to engage the Fulani children. Enjoy!


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