Kingdom building in Trujillo

September 18, 2017 at 6:00 AM

berthadamage.jpgBertha Aldave looks over the area of Alto Trujillo devastated by flooding that occurred in the region in April.  (Photos by Apolos Landa)

(Editor's note: Apolos Landa is the Luke Society's regional coordinator in South America and the former director of Asociación San Lucas in Moyobamba, Peru. He continues to make his home in Moyobamba.)

Kingdom building in Peru

By Apolos Landa

Last Friday (Sept. 8), I arrived to Sector 6 of Alto Trujillo to visit Dr Felix and Bertha Aldave in their ministry to children under risk.

As always, we found them taking time out of their busy days to assist children coping with their school chores in the absence of their parents who are striving to make a living.

Felix looked healthy and content despite his arm callous vein plugs to fit his frequent dialysis sessions. He is looking forward to having heart surgery to place a coronary stent to prevent heart arrest.

Surprisingly, he seems enthusiastic about it. I asked why? And both Bertha and he answered that they have learned that even the things that seemed bad for them have turned out for so much good as it becomes an opportunity to witness about God’s power and faithfulness, leading so many to reconcile with God that otherwise could not have been reached.

After his three months in a coma in the intensive care unit in 2015, very agnostic but concerned colleagues were already dismissing him, but when he awoke and walked with growing strength, they were surprised and became interested. They paid heed to his plea for repentance and trusting God to do good.

Bertha then led me to the surroundings to see the still unattended devastation of the April flooding from the El Nino phenomena.

Many poor houses and neighborhood markets are still half dumped in dry mud. They are forgotten by the country’s different levels of administrations that seem too busy contending to all kinds of corruption and legal complaints.

However, even that is bearing another kind of opportunity. People gave joined around the loving care of the Aldaves and a new church congregation is starting.

The vision and mission of the Aldaves had been serving God by caring for the at-risk children of those disenfranchised families, not planting churches. But, that ended up being the inexorable result of their committed lives and services.

Now, there are four congregations on the march. The first one in Buenos Aires — the Trujillo district where the Aldaves live — has 200 members and its pastor. In Alto Trujillo, two congregations have formed of 80 and 40 family members with their pastors. Now, one more in prospect is in a new location in Buenos Aires.

Moreover, after almost 20 years of ministry, dozens of kids are now ending up in careers and progressing in studies that otherwise would never have happened. Bertha lead me then to the surroundings to see the still unatended devastation of April “El Niño” phenomena. Many poor houses and neighborhood markets still half dumped in now dry mud. They are forgotten by the country different levels of administrations that seem busy contending all kind of corruption legal complaints. However even that is bearing other kind of opportunity. People join around the loving care of the Aldaves a new congregation is starting.

Bertha Aldave helps a student with some schoolwork. Assisting children is a key part of the ministry at her ministry in Alto Trujillo.

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